Ottos Jazzkiste

für alle Freunde des Oldtime-Jazz

Sonntag, 13.00 Uhr / Wdh. am Mittwoch, 10.00 Uhr / alle 4 Wochen

… ist eine Fundgrube für alle Freunde des Oldtime-Jazz, dem allgemein in vielen Sendungen, wenn überhaupt, wenig Platz eingeräumt wird. Nicht so bei „Otto“ – er, selbst Oldtime-Jazzmusiker, befasst sich ausschließlich mit dem traditionellen Jazz.

In seiner Jazzkiste befinden sich sowohl lokale, regionale, als auch internationale Interpreten dieser Spielart des Jazz.



Max Collie Rhythm – Aces High Society
Monty Sunshine Jazzband – Riverboat Shuffle
Crane River Jazzband Sometimes – My Burden
Jailhouse Jazzmen – Saratoga Shout
Max Collie – Ice Cream
Peter Petrel – Papa Di Da Da
Monty Sunshine – New Orleans Hula
Peter Petrel – Just A Closer
Max Collie – Tiger Rag
Terry Lightfoot – J,B Buona Sera .
Dutch Swing College – Band China Boy
Chris Barber Jazzband – Bourbon Street Parade
Lonnie Donegan – Jennys Ball


The Dutch Swing College Band, The Hague 30. May, 1980
JUBILEE CONCERT 1945 – 1980 (Leader Peter Schilperoort)
Special Guest: Beryl Bryden, Rita Reys

– Way Down Yonder In New Orleans
– Mandy Make Up You Mind
– Moonglow
– You Made Me Love You
– Royal Garden Blues
– Ole Miss Blues
– Dr. Jazz
– African Queen
– Creole Love Call
– Wilhelm Tell
– 1919 Rag
– South
– C Jam Blues

Playlist: Benny Moten Kansas City Orchestra 1930 – 1932

– Get Goin‘
– Prof. Hot Stuff
– When I’m Alone
– Benny Moten Stomp
– As Long As I Love You
– Somebody Stole My Gale
– Now That I Need You
– Boucin‘ Around
– You Got Love
– I Wanna Be Around May Baby All The Times
– Tobi
– Moten Swing
– Lafayette
– Prince Of Wails
– The Only Girl I Ever Loved
– That To Do
– The Count

Playlist: Louis (Satchmo) Armstrong – Sohn eines Tagelöhners

– When it’s Sleepy Time Down South
– Jazz, Jazz, Jazz
– You’ll Never Walk Alone
– Mahogany Hall Stomp
– All Of Me
– Rockin’ Chair
– Indiana
– Tiger Rag
– Heebie Jeebies
– Comeback You
– Struttin With Some Barbeque
– Willie The Weeper
– Bye And Bye
– St. James Infirmary
– Wheb The Saints


Sir Allan Jazzband (GB)

– Bugle Boy March
– Fidgety Feet
– Sorry

Kenneth Arnström Rhythm Kings (S)
– Sobbin Blues
– Rhythm King
– Liza

Roger and the Evolution (D) feat. Denise Gordon (GB)
– Jump ‘n Jive
– Oh How I Miss You Tonight
– Oldtime Religion


Hamburger Jazzszene der 70er Jahre

Harlem Jump – Swing That Music
Harlem Jump – Echoes Of Harlem
Heinz Junghans Jazzmen – Stuttin With Some Barbecue
Hot Owls – Coquette
Hot Owls – Oben Ohne
Hot Shots – The Terror
Jailhouse Jazzband – Stomp Of Lets Go
Jailhouse Jazzband – Lucky
Jazz Lips – Put ‘em Down Blues
Jazz Lips – Blues In The Air
Jazz OManiacs – East Coast Strot
Jazz OManiacs – In The Bottle Blues
Jazz Train – Sudden Samba
Jazz Train – What Is This Thing Called Love


Monty Sunshine Jazzband – You Tell Me Your Dream
Monty Sunshine Jazzband – Pretty Baby
Monty Sunshine Sextett – Wabash Blues
Monty Sunshine Sextet- Schlafe mein Prinzchen
Chris Barbers Jazzband – Ice Cream (a)
Monty Sunshine Jazzband – Down In Honky Tonk Town
Chris Barbers Jazzband – Petite Fleur
Sidney Bechet – Petite Fleur
Monty Sunshine Sextett – Bill Baily
Chris Barbers Jazzband – Wild Cat Blues
Chris Barbers Jazzband – New Orleans Hula
Chris Barbers Jazzband – Burgundy Street Blues
Monty Sunshine Sextett – St. Phillip Street Breakdown
Chris Barbers Jazzband – St. Georgs Rag
Monty Sunshine Sextett – Sheik Of Araby


Paul Whiteman and his „New” Palais Royale Orchestra

– Oh, Miss Hannah
– Whispering
– My Pet
– Mississippi Mud
– Louisiana
– From Monday On
– Everybodys Doin’It
– Charleston
– Black Bottom
– Your Mother And Mine
– You Took Advantage Of Me
– There Ain’t No Sweet Man That’ Worth The Salt Of My Tears
– Do I Hear You Saying ‘I Love You
– Avalon
– The One I Love
– High Water
– Tree O Clock In The Morning

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