Magazin für Rock und Bluesrock

Samstag, 20.00 – 22.00 Uhr

Florian Damm präsentiert alle vier Wochen Neuerscheinungen und  Altbewährtes aus dem weiten Bereich der Rockmusik.

Dabei schaut er auch über den Tellerrand, so dass es manchmal auch Ausfüge in Blues, Prog oder Psychedlic Rock gibt.

Die Musikstücke können auch durchaus mal herkömmliche Formate sprengen.



1. Stunde
The Beatles – Birthday
Wings – Venus And Mars / Rock Show / Jet
Sweet – Action
Slade – Keep on Rocking
The 69 Eyes – Drive
Opeth – Width Of A Circle
Candlemass – Solitude
Candlemass – Under The Oak
Wucan – Physical Boundaries

2. Stunde
Stonetrip – Leave A Light On
Jorn – One Man War
Jorn – Over The Horizon Radar
Primal Fear – Chainbreaker
Helloween – Best Time
MSG – A King Has Gone
Bloody Heels – The Velvet
Iconic – Nowhere To Run
Meshuggah – Broken Cog
Conan – Levitation Hoax
Wayward Sons – Can’t Take It Anymore
Journey – Don’t Give Up On Us


1. Stunde
The Jordan Patterson Band – Heartbreaker
The Jordan Patterson Band – This Soul Connection
Kenny Neal – Blues Keep Chasing Me
Kenny Neal – Bon Temps Rouler
Sass Jordan – Still Alive And Well
Sass Jordan – Sailin Shoes
Charlie Musselwhite – Hobo Blues
Charlie Musselwhite – Pea Vine Blues
Charlie Musselwhite – Blues Gave Me A Ride
Vanja Sky band – See You Again
Kadavar – Purple Sage
Eldovar – Blood Moon Night

2. Stunde
Graham Bonnet Band – Imposter
Graham Bonnet Band – Uncle John
Black Eye – Space Travel
Black Eye – Hurricane
Jeff Scott Soto – Love Is The Revolution
Skills – Blame It On The Night
Skills – Just When I Needed You
Skills – Stop The World
Starchaser – Dead Man Walking
The Big Deal – Sensational
The Big Deal – Top Heaven
Zero Hour – Agenda 21
Zero Hour – Technocrazy


1. Stunde
Bad Bone Beast – Bonehead
Bad Bone Beast – Truth Or Dare
Nazareth – Sinner
Nazareth – Sweet Kiss
Witch Fever – Blessed Be Thy
Witch Fever – Reincarnate
Black Swan – Crown
Black Swan – I Will Follow
Axel Rudi Pell – Survive
Axel Rudi Pell – Lost XXIII
Wille and the Bandits – Angel

2. Stunde
Band Of Friends – Soul To Soul
Band Of Friends – I Wonder Who
Rory Gallagher – Crest Of A Wave
Krissy Mathews – Freedom
Krissy Mathews – Killing Floor
Dana Fuchs – Double Down On Wrong
Dana Fuchs – Hard Road
Edgar Winter – Jumpin Jack Flash
Edgar Winter – Got My Mojo Workin
Canned Heat – Bullfrog Blues
Canned heat – On The Road Again


1. Stunde
New Horizon – Stronger Than Steel
New Horizon – Event Horizon
Radioactive – Monkey on Our Backs
Radioactive – Move It
Chip ZNuff – Welcome To The Party
Chip ZNuff – Heaven In A Bottle
FM – Turn This Car Around
FM – Waiting On Love
Hell In The Club – Kamikaze
Rust N’Rage – Prisoner
Rust N’Rage – The Future Is For The Strong
Shining Black – A Hundred Thousand Shades Of Black
Shining Black – Postcard From The End Of The World

2. Stunde
Goodbye June – Take A Ride
Bomber – A Walk Of Titans
Stöner – Party March
Stöner – A Million Beers
Children Of The Sün – Leaves
Children Of The Sün – Reaching For Sun
Samavayo – Transcend ! Exceed !
Samavayo – Prophecy
A Reflection Of You – Here
Acoustic Revolution – State Of The Union
Spiral Drive – Space Train
Spiral Drive – Ego Placebo


1. Stunde
Red Hot Chilly Peppers – Black Summer
Screaming Trees – Troubled Times
Mark Lanegan – Bleed All Over
Jaimi Faulkner – Catch Me If You Can
Jaimi Faulkner – High Time
Manu Lanvin – All Night Long
Manu Lanvin – Highway to Hell
Willy DeVille – White Trash Girl
Willy DeVille – Muddy Waters Rose Out Of The Mississippi Mud
Elles Bailey – Riding Out the Storm
Slash feat. Myles Kennedy And the Conspirators – Fill My World
Slash feat. Myles Kennedy And the Conspirators – Spirit Love
Slash feat. Myles Kennedy And the Conspirators – April Fool

2. Stunde
Porcupine Tree – Harridan
Jonas Lindberg – Why I’m Here
Jonas Lindberg – Secret Motive Man
Arjen Anthony Lucassens Star One – Revel In Time
Arjen Anthony Lucassens Star One – Lost Children Of The Universe
Lesoir – Babel


1. Stunde
Bernard Allison – So Excited
Bernard Allison – Hustler
Bernard Allison – Last Night
Katie Henry – On My Way
Katie Henry – Bury You
Tinsley Ellis – One Less Reason
Tinsley Ellis – One Last Ride
Omar Coleman – Snatch It Back And Hold It
Omar Coleman – Born And Raised
Vanessa Harbeck – Positive Day
Vanessa Harbeck – Tal Vez Manana
Vanessa Harbeck – Boring Days

2. Stunde
Jethro Tull – Mrs. Tibbets
Jethro Tull – Sad City Sisters
Jethro Tull – The Betrayal Of Joshua Kynde
Until 9 – Headstone
The Hollywood Stars – The Bottom
Sunczar – Bearer Of Light
Sunczar – Through This Hell
Samavayo – Afghan Sky
Flickertail – Evidence Of Life
Bomber – Zarthustra
Cicadastone – Incandescent
Evil Invaders – In Deepest Black


1. Stunde
Rust N Rage – Heartbreaker
Giant – Let Our Love Win
Giant – Never Die Young
Kandia – Fight Or Flight
Kandia – Turn Of The Tide
Kraemer – Moment For Me
Kraemer – Tonight
Edge Of Forever – Get Up Your Feet Again
Lana Lane – Remember Me
Nasson – Not Today
Nasson – We Are The Army
Praying Mantis – Closer To Heaven
Praying Mantis – Cry For The Nations

2. Stunde
The Ferrymen – One Word
The Ferrymen – The Last Wave
Dynazty – Power Of Will
Dymytry – Revolt
Serious Black – Senso Della Vita
Evergrey – Weightless
Lordi – Demon Supreme
Samael – Helter Skelter
Destruction – Diabolical
Infected Rain – Postmortem Pt.1
Infected Rain – The Realm Of Chaos
Lalu – The Chosen Ones


1. Stunde
Deep Purple – Jenny Take A Ride
Deep Purple – Lucifer
Deep Purple – 7 And 7 Is
The Doors – The WASP Texas Radio And The Big Beat
The Doors – Riders On The Storm ( LA Woman Sessions )
Ben Granfeldt – Almighty Blues
Ben Granfeldt – Breathe
Ben Granfeldt – Faith, Hope & Love

2. Stunde
Weedpecker – Big Brain Monsters
Weedpecker – No Heartbeat Collective
Thulsa Doom – Endless, Unless
Spidergawd – Narcissus Eye
Spidergawd – Disidentity
King Buffalo – Acheron
Daily Thompson – I Saw Jesus In A Taco Bar
The Sun Or The Moon – Julia Dream

16.07.2022 um 20:00 Uhr
20:00 — 22:00