Magazin für Rock und Bluesrock

Samstag, 20.00 – 22.00 Uhr

Florian Damm präsentiert alle vier Wochen Neuerscheinungen und  Altbewährtes aus dem weiten Bereich der Rockmusik.

Dabei schaut er auch über den Tellerrand, so dass es manchmal auch Ausfüge in Blues, Prog oder Psychedlic Rock gibt.

Die Musikstücke können auch durchaus mal herkömmliche Formate sprengen.



1. Stunde
WellBad – Robbery
Kenny Wayne Shepherd – Turn To Stone
Chriss Wragg / Greg Copeland – I’ll Cut You Down
Billy Sherwood – The Partisan
Neal Morse – The Madman Of The Gardarenes
Graham Bonnet Band – Samurai
Sweet Oblivion – Seek The Light
Mind Key – Alien In Wonderland
Jorn – Walking On Water

2. Stunde
Roxy Blue – Silver Lining
Spread Eagle – Sound Of Speed
3Teeth – Affluenza
Kryptos – Into The Wind
Sascha Paeth’s Masters Of Ceremony – The Time Has Come
Tiomo Tolkki’s Avalon – Hear My call
Chaos Magic – Beware Of Silent Waters
Hollow Haze – Oblivion
Hallow Haze – It’s Alays Dark Before The Dawn
Visionatica – Fear
Burning Gloom – Warden


1. Stunde
Danko Jones – Burn In Hell
Hammerfall – (We Make) Sweden Rock
Gloryhammer – Gloryhammer
First Signal – Line Of Fire
Crazy Lixx – Never Die (Forever Wild )
Restless Spirit – You And I
Black Sheets Of Rain – No Rest feat. Tony Dolan
Chaos Magic – Fury Born feat. Tom Englund
Timo Tolkki’s Avalon – Promises
High Fighter – Before I Disappear
The Rods – Evil In Me

2. Stunde
The Brink – Burn
Ardours – Last Moment
Mind Key – Hate At First Sight
Sweet Oblivion – Sweet Oblivion
Sweet Oblivion – True Colors
Jorn – Mob Rules
Rendezvous Point – Undefeated
Neal Morse – There’s A Highway
Axel Rudi Pell – Game Of Sins & Tower Of Babylon ( incl Keyboard Solo )


1. Stunde
Stray Cats – Rock It Off
Krissy Matthews – Long Haul Flight
Krissy Matthews – Easy Meat
Trucker Diablo – Other Side Of The City
Black Sheets Of Rain – Still Spark Something
Black Sheets Of Rain – Through The Storm
Epitaph – Going Fishing
Epitaph – Lost In America
Egypt – Dazed And Confused
Snowy White – L.A.Skip

2. Stunde
Per Wiberg – Pile Of Nothing
Calma – Burning Sky
Calma – Go Ahead
Monkey 3 – Spirals
Monkey 3 – Prism
Stoned Jesus – I’m the Mountain


1. Stunde
Dick Dale – Tribal Thunder
Dick Dale – Third Stone From The Sun
John Mayall – Don’t Bring Me Down
John Mayall – Rock The Blues Tonight
Miller Anderson Band – Sinning For You
Miller Anderson Band – Just To Cry

2. Stunde
Neal Black & Larry Garner – Ride With Me
Neal Black & Larry Garner – Bad Things , Good People
Jed Thomas – Killing Fields
Jed Thomas – All Around Man
Kieran Hilbert – Road Dog
Kieran Hilbert – My Crossroads
Dick Dale – Hey Bo Diddley / Surfing Drums


1. Stunde
Krissy Matthews – Paranoid Prison
Bishopp Gunn – Amything You Want
Der Capt’n & Band – Power-Rock
Der Capt’n & Band – Mit 18
Der Capt’n & Band – Turbolent
The Treatment – Bite Back
LA Guns – Stay Away
Iron Savior – Until We Meet Again
Hardline – Take A Chance
Fortune – Shelter Of the Night
Avantasia – The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn

2. Stunde
Whitesnake – Shut Up & Kiss Me
Royal Tusk – First Time
Leverage – Burn Love Burn
Massive – A Mile In My Shoes
Electric Mary – Long Long Day
Noiss – Neuroline
Left hand Solution – Fields On Fire
Red Stoner Sun – Somewhere Under The Rainbows


1. Stunde
Full Blown Cherry – Rockaway Beach
Atomic Road Kings – In Arms Reach
Atomic Road Kings – Back Down South
Bernd Rinser – Love Is
Bernd Rinser – Get Your Business Straigjht
Tommy Castro and The Painkillers – Shakin‘ The Hard Times Loose
Tommy Castro and The Painkillers – Leaving Trunk
Nick Moss Band – Stand By
Mike Ledbetter / Monster Mike Welch – Cast Iron
Chase Walker Band – I Warned You
Walter Trout – Sadie
Walter Trout – Me My Guitar And The Blues

2. Stunde
Full Blown Cherry – Do You Remember Rock’N’Roll Radio
Rory Gallagher – Tatto’d Lady
3 Dayz Whizkey – Back On The River
T.G. Copperfield – They Put On The Fire
3 Dayz Whizkey – Right Time Wrong Place
Buckcherry – Bent
Spidergawd – Twentfourseven
Motorpsycho – Psychotzar
Black Lung – Gone
Black Lung – Dead Man Blues
Rotor – Rabensol


1. Stunde
The Baboo Show – Again
Eric Schenkman – Far Away
Electric Blues Orchestra – Mississippi Queen
The Kentucky Headhunters – Rock’n’Roller
The Kentucky Headhunters – My Daddy Was A Milkman
Old Man Lizard – Return To Earth
Alcatrazz – Set Me Free
Alcatrazz – Too Young To Drive Too Drunk To Live
Candlemass – The Omega Circle
Magnum – Don’t Wake The Lion

2. Stunde
Johnny Gioeli – Running
Palace – Dangerous Ground
Raven – Rock Until You Drop
Jon Schaffer’s Purgatory – In Jason’s Mind
Devil’s Hand feat. Slamer – Freemann
Steelheart – Blood Pollution
State Of Salazar – To The Wire
Magic Dance – New Eyes
Stay Tuned – Child In Time


1. Stunde
Snakewater – Girl Like You
Starlite Campbell Band – Heart Of Stone
Erja Lyytinen – Another World
Beatles – Helter Skelter ( First Version )
Ian Parker – Weak Brain Narrow Mind
Walter Trout – Me My Guitar And The Blues
Soup – Sleepers

2. Stunde
Nazareth – Push
Spidergawd – Ritual Supernatural
Blackberries – Sphinx II
Jon Spencer – Beetle Boots
Jon Spencer – Fake
Electric Acid – Behind The Scenes
The Great Beyond – Slip Away
Intercepting Force – Grand Delusion
John Diva – Lolita
Queensryche – Man tTe Machine
Torian – A Glorious Downfall

20.07.2019 um 20:00 Uhr
20:00 — 22:00