Magazin für Rock und Bluesrock

Samstag, 20.00 – 22.00 Uhr

Florian Damm präsentiert alle vier Wochen Neuerscheinungen und  Altbewährtes aus dem weiten Bereich der Rockmusik.

Dabei schaut er auch über den Tellerrand, so dass es manchmal auch Ausfüge in Blues, Prog oder Psychedlic Rock gibt.

Die Musikstücke können auch durchaus mal herkömmliche Formate sprengen.



1. Stunde
Dead Lord – Bridges
Dead Lord – Messin’ Up
Ben Granfelt – A Moment Of Madness
Ben Granfelt – Down For The Count
Snowy White And The White Flames – I Wish I Could
Billy Walton Band – You Don’t Need Me
Billy Walton Band – Cortez The Killer
Zakk Sabbath – The Wizzard
Zakk Sabbath – A Bit Of Finger / Sleeping Village / Warning

2. Stunde
Landfall – Sound Of The City
Landfall – Rush Hour
Perfect Plan – Time For A Miracle
Perfect Plan – Just One Wish
Hell In The Club – Worst Case Scenario
Hell In The Club – Tokyo Lights
Rising Steel – Blackheart
Rising Steel – Master Control
Jimi hendrix – Nine To The Universe


1. Stunde
Dead Lord – Evil Always Wins
Blues Pills – Kiss My Past Goodbye
Rob Tognoni – No Sleep In Hell
Rob Tognoni – Full Recovery
JW Jones – Snatchin’ It Back
JW Jones – Same Mistakes
The Bluesanovas – Love Me
The Bluesanovas – Skinny Honey
Joseph Lamm & Music Hypnotica – Imagine
Joseph Lamm & Music Hypnotica – Take Her Love
Long Distance Calling – Out There
Long Distance Calling – Black Paper Planes

2. Stunde
Michael Des Barres and the Muistakes – Get It On
Warkings – Warriors
Warkings – Maximus
Tokyo Motor First – Decadence On 10th Street
Tokyo Motor First – Sedona
Shining Black ft. Boals & Thorsen – The House Of The Fallen Souls
Shining Black ft. Boals & Thorsen – We Fall
Michael Grant & The Assassins – Gimme Salvation
Michael Grant & The Assassins – Runaway
Bloody Heels – Sugar & Spice
Bloody Heels – Healing Waters
Enuff Z’Nuff – Drugland Weekend
Enuff Znuff – Go…


1. Stunde
BPMD – We’re An American Band
BPMD – Evil
Blue Oyster Cult – Dance On Stilts
Blue Oyster Cult – Out Of That Darkness
Blue Oyster Cult -    Golden Age Of Leather
Blue Oyster Cult – Black Blade
Electric Mob – Your Ghost
Electric Mob – 123 Burn
House Of Lords – The Both Of Us
House Of Lords – Better Off Broken
Mordred – The Baroness
Mordred – Love Of Money

2. Stunde
Shotgune Mistress – Save From Myself
Vega – This One’s For You
Vega – Battles Ain’t A War
Night Demon – Are You Out There
Black Orchid Empire – Death From Above
Black Orchid Empire – Evergreen
Long Distance Calling – Immunity
Cicadastone – Dying In Sunshine
Vampire – Serafim
Orgöne – Requiem For A Dead Cosmonaut
Orgöne – Mothership Egypt


1. Stunde
Rob Tognoni – New Set Of Rays
Rob Tognoni – Fat Orange Man
Lucky Peterson – Boogie Thang
Lucky Peterson – Purple Rain
Bad Company – Shooting Star
Bad Company – Take This Town
Malo – Pana
Malo – Suavecito
Santana – Fillmore East

2. Stunde
Electric Mob – Devil You Know
Dennis DeYoung – East Of Midnight
House Of Lords – New World New Eyes
Long Distance Calling -Hazard
Kansas – Throwing Mountains
Kansas – Memories Down The Road
Deep Purple – Throw My Bones
Deep Purple – Man Alive
Rainbow – Kill The King
Rainbow – Do You Close Your Eyes


1. Stunde
Michael Van Merwyk – Shotgun Boogie
Michael Van Merwyk – The Bear
Steve Baker & The LiveWires – Judgement Day
Steve Baker & The LiveWires – This Wheel’s On Fire
Rory Gallagher – Edged In Blue
Eamonn McCormack – The Great Famine
Eamonn McCormack – In A Dream
Josh Smith – The Middle
Josh Smith – The Pusher

2. Stunde
Thundermother – Driving In Style
Axel Rudi Pell – Gunfire
Axel Rudi Pell – Into The Fire
LA Gunns – Crawl
Cryptex – The Promise Keeper
Cryptex – Once Upon A Time
Nightwish – All The Works Of Nature Which Adorn The World


1. Stunde
Bodycount – Ace Of Spades
Bodycount – No Remorse
Horisont – Pushin’The Line
Lucifer – Leather Demon
Bonfire – Rock’n’Roll Survivors
Bonfire – Warrior
Bonfire – When An Old Man Cries
Cryptex – Haunted
Cryptex – Bloodmoon
Sorry – Perfect
Sorry – Rock’n’Roll Star
Sorry – Starstruck
Villagers Of Ioannina City – Father Sun

2. Stunde
Eamonn McCormack – Gypsy Woman
Eamonn McCormack – Cold Cold Heart
Vanja Sky – Shadow Play
Vanja Sky – Hard Times
Bernard Allison – Same Old Feeling
Bernard Allision – Cruisin For A Bluesin
Bernard Allison – Call Me Momma
Ryan Perry – Homesick
Ryan Perry – Hard Times
Wipers – Youth Of Today


1. Stunde
Biff Byford – Black And White
Biff Byford – The Pit And Pendulum
Ross The Boss – Walking The Moon
Ross The Boss – Shotgun Revolution
Hardline – Page Of Your Life
Hardline – Take You Home
The Unity – You Got Me Wrong
The Unity – Never Forget
Rage – Chasing The Twilight Zone
Rage – Tomorrow
Shakra – New Tomorrow

2. Stunde
Huey Lewis And The News – While We’re Young
Huey Lewis And The News – Her Love Is Killin Me
The Outlaws – Dark Horse Run
The Outlaws – Dixie Highway
The Outlaws – Macon Memories
Wishbone Ash – Empty Man
Wishbone Ash – Too Good For AC
Wishbone Ash – It’s Only You I See
Mother Tongue – Damage
Mother Tongue – The Seed


1. Stunde
The Hellfreaks – Witches Heal
Revolution Saints – Closer
Black Swan – Big Desaster
Jorn.- Winning
Waiting For Monday – Until The Dawn
Passion – Back
Powerwolf – Kiss Of The Cobra King
Hardline – Hot Cherie
Khymera – Walk Away
Novena – Indestructible
Semblant – More Shadow
Dirty Shirley – I Disappear

2. Stunde
Bugs Henderson & The Shuffle Kings – Highway 61 Revisited
Beatle Jam – Come Together
Poppa Chubby – San Catri ( For Jimi )
Band Of Gypsies – Changes
Jimi Hendrix – 3rd Stone From The Sun

10.10.2020 um 20:00 Uhr
20:00 — 22:00